The stepchildren will take advantage of me

Today I ran to the grocery and I forgot the keys to the house. When are tornats have not had a chance to enter, so I tried to enter through the window, which, luckily, was open. The problem was that when I was entering in the house, the sleeve of my blouse got stuck in the window. At that time, my stepson was coming home, so I asked for his help. But he has done everything but help me. I pulled on the skirt and he slipped his tongue into her vagina. That damn pervert. After a while he got my other stepson, and so I asked him for help. But it was the same or worse than his brother. Taking advantage of the fact that I was stuck in the window, they both wanted to fuck me. One has penetrated my vagina from the outside of the home, and the other me shoved his cock in her mouth from inside the house.