Teen obsessed with capo

I have never liked older men, until I started working as a waitress. The owner of the place is sexy and charming, and lately I have not stopped thinking about him. I have fantasies all day and when I do it, I have to masturbate to appease the desire. I couldn’t continue so I had to scoparmelo for togliermelo from the head. So I called and went to where he was. I wanted it inside me, and it had to be now. I wore a red dress that showed all my boobs, during our conversation, I crept and I played with them. Seeing that he was not taking the initiative, I told him clearly that I wanted to be with him. Did not hesitate to take control, he started to touch me and kiss me possessivamente, I could feel all of her desire. It was amazing, really knows how to give pleasure to a woman.