Sex with a beautiful contortionist, a beautiful girl of theEastern Europe with an incredible capacity of dislocating the whole body and fucks her in different positions, some of which are impossible to replicate for a normal person, and with a happy ending all around (surprise)

I Have been to see a show, a circus of acrobats without the animals that was hosted in my city. Interest me of those acrobats that have something more to offer, almost as if they had supernatural powers. Between all of these artists, however, one stood out in particular way and is a girl of theEastern Europe who practices contortion in incredible levels able not only to flex her body into any position, but also in dislocating several bones and joints. In addition allincredible artistic value this girl with her movements has raised some impure thoughts. LI imagined all the positions possible with a single common denominatormy cock. I began to see her as the whole twisted grabs my cock and if it goes practically everywhere without giving the least sign of yielding. I came up with lidea that he could take the cock with hands and mouth, but in the position of the bridge turned upside down and still be able to succhiarmelo allAfter the show I introduced myself to her as a big fan and she initially air is extremely cold and detached, it makes me a nod. I insist with the compliments and she invites me to follow her in her dressing room. As soon as we get her in her dressing room she starts to undress and remain naked, leaving only covered the pussy with her panties clear. I remain breathless and wide-eyed, seeing this circus and decided to let me forward shamelessly, and she, fortunately, in the dressing room to change attitude, and it also seems she is interested in me. After I turned around and saw you approaching my face and then I grab him and we both throw ourselves on the sofa and at the beginning I also to disrobe. You sling on my cock and wraps it completely with his body that is able to put themselves in the positions out of the normal. While me sucking him he starts to squirm all over and giving to me the possibility of touching her pussy and enjoying her body.

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