My neighbor swallows gladly my cum

I have lived in this district for some years, it is quiet and I get on very well with everyone, especially with my neighbor. It is a very nice person and hardworking, but is almost never there, which is a shame because his wife, who is a crash, it is always alone in his house. Every day I see in the morning when he takes out the garbage or in the afternoon when watering the garden, and the whore always comes out almost naked, with the shorts that show the line of the ass. I can not do anything about it. Every time I see it so, I need to get me a sega. Tonight I went to his house to celebrate the birthday of her husband, but the idiot was drunk and went to bed early. When I saw that his wife was half-hot, I approached her and I started touching it. It was the best thing that came to mind! The woman has launched against me and gave me a blowjob worthy of a God, as a reward I made to swallow all my cum.

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