I’m going to teach my husband a lesson with the stepson

Now that we are married, my husband thinks I could handle it as he sees fit. Well, can’t do it! That’s not the way things work. Then today, when he was in the bathroom, I locked up. I had to give him a lesson. And it was then that my stepson gave me another great idea. Fuck him while I was leaving my husband locked himself in the bathroom. In this way, I could have my reward for her abuse. As I held the door, my step-son to me, put his face to the ass. It was so nice that I was hard to hold the door closed. Helped me to disrobe because I could not leave the handle. And there, in front of the door of the bathroom, fucked me. It was nice to have the cock of a young man, for a change. It was the best lesson they have ever given to my husband.