I have sex sadomasochistica with my brother-in-law

I Wanted to have the pleasure of being dominated or mistreated during sexual intercourse. It is something of my personality; it gives me a great pleasure to hear when someone exercises dominion over me. That makes me feel like his slave, ready to satisfy the desires of most perverted of my lover. I have never known anyone with the same tastes until my sister introduced me to her boyfriend. As soon as I saw it, I knew immediately that it was the right one. I wrote last night and I asked him to have sex. I was not wrong, he likes the perverse. Tied me to the bed and gave me the fuck of my life, first from my pussy and then the ass. It was divine to feel tied up and helpless while I scopava. I’m sorry for my sister, but will not be the last time that I order my brother-in-law.